G.Skill F4-3200C16Q-16GTZ Review

With all the amazing things that we discovered about the 3200C16 version of G.Skill TridentZ throughout the previous two webpages, it is hard to leave with an opinion that is short of positive. If our sample is a valid representation of what retail customers will also get, then buying some of the faster kits can be seen as a waste of money since our relatively low-rated version was easily able to clear their specs on a midrange gaming board. On top of that, you get solid build quality, pleasant aesthetics and G.Skill's bulletproof lifetime warranty. Of course, all of the above is irrelevant if the price of ownership is way too steep. By using Geizhals, we see that EU prices for F4-3200C16Q-16GTZ currently start at 157 Euros excluding shipping. This is nearly 20 Euros more than a sister RipjawsV model, which differs from the TridentZ only in the heatsinks. Still, this is much much less compared to most of the higher-rated opposition, performance of which you can easily emulate thanks to overclockability, which has always been great with the Trident series.

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  1. I love this Site. Good work Websmile !

    I can`t hardly wait for Trident Z DDR4 3200MHz CL14 (4x16GB)
    CL14-14-14-35 low

  2. Thanks, the mems were strong, IMC limit and some issues lead to test at DDR4-4000 to be done with two sticks btw, but generally this kit was able to run 3866 full slots at high IMC and Dram voltage on the Hero

  3. Nice review Websmile, only hw-db includes all info true memory addicts go crazy trying to find…..
    IC used-check
    Overclocking results w/ voltage at 1.85-check
    Super Pi 32m and Intel XTU results-check