Patriot PX416G240C5K Review

Looking back to our previous experience with Patriot DDR4, we see that some issues have been taken care of. Namely, the used PCB is no longer green and the choice for memory chips has changed from Micron to Hynix, which are known to be much more flexible. The latter, however, did not solve the issue of poor overclockability. Our sample still failed to achieve stable DDR4-3000. This shows that Patriot still have groundwork to do before they can compete for the enthusiast part of the memory pie with the likes of Corsair, G.Skill and Kingston.

It is hard for us to judge on the pricing of the Viper Xtreme series because we cannot see a single EU online store that would have these modules in stock, as of November 2015. Going by the pricing of the sister Patriot 4 model, which retails at exactly 100 Euros for 2x8GB DDR4-2400, things are not too bad. Yes, Patriot's offering is not the cheapest, but the price difference with similar competition is just 5 Euros, which might make the Viper series attractive for certain class of users who are looking, say, for this particular appearance.

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