HyperX HX428C14SBK2/16 Review

Having spent a few days playing with the DDR4 Savage, it is hard for us to hide our disappointment. Nothing about these kits has managed to float our boat: the specs are not new, the looks have not been improved and to top it all off, our overclock testing has been littered with unexplainable and unpredictable issues.

Perhaps, we should see the Savage not as an enthusiast-oriented product, but as one aimed at a mainstream audience who do not bother to judge on memory beyond its specs. But even in this case, things are not fully optimistic. Yes, at 140 Euros the Savage are the cheapest 2x8GB DDR4-2800 CL14 kit currently out there, but you can save nearly 30 Euros and get yourself a Geil Dragon kit of a similar 3000C15 spec, or spend 140 of your Euros on a G.Skill 3200C16 set that will be both faster and easier to overclock.

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  1. I like the fact that one can know the IC model/specs with thaiphoon burner on Kingston memory kits without the need to remove the heatsinks.