HyperX HX426C15FBK4/32 Review

Unless you are Kingston's competitor, we cannot see anything that you might dislike about the 32GB version of DDR4-2666 Fury. The packaging, the styling and the specs of this model are superior to any other 32GB DDR4 kit that is currently obtainable for under 250 Euros.

On top of that, our sample has demonstrated phenomenal overclockability, which could compete with the best DDR4 models that are currently available. Of course, we might have been lucky with our sample. But, since Kingston still stick with Hynix across their entire DDR4 product range, the HyperX remains the go-to lineup if you are a memory enthusiast.

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  1. Thanks for testing this ram not even Kingston list the latency of this ram and i wanted to know for purchase decision