HyperX HX426C15FBK4/32 Review

HX426C15FBK4-32_00 When we first started writing on DDR4 about a year ago, a budget of 250 Euros wouldn't get you far if you were looking for a 16GB kit for your Haswell-E setup. But as the time moved on, more and more options became affordable. Eventually, even the 32GB kits have started to slip under the 250 Euro mark, which is very good news as DDR4 is about to officially hit the mainstream market in the upcoming few days.

For our today's article, our goal is to explore what the low-end 32GB DDR4 kits are like in real life. As we have already tested the insanely cheap Crucial option, our second choice fell on the HyperX's Fury, which currently offers the best specs out all the kits in this price bracket.

 Manufacturer  Kingston HyperX
 Series  Fury
 Part Number  HX426C15FBK4/32
 Type  DDR4
 Capacity  32GB (4 x 8GB)
 Frequency  1333 MHz (DDR4-2666)
 Timings  15-17-17-35
 Voltage  1.2 V
 Warranty  Lifetime Warranty
 (Limited to 10 years in Austria and Germany)

The kit in question is the DDR4-2666 model, which is currently the fastest Kingston kit that is short of the Predator series. As suggested by the part number, it is a HyperX DDR4-2666 CL15 Fury Black Kit of 4 with a total capacity of 32GB. The only important parameter that is not encrypted in the part number is the rated voltage, which is kept at standard 1.2V for all kits on the Fury lineup.

HX426C15FBK4-32_02 HX426C15FBK4-32_09

The quad channel versions of HyperX's fury are delivered in a 10-module memory tray, which is actually a much better form of packaging than the one you get with the more expensive Predator kits.

HX426C15FBK4-32_01 HX426C15FBK4-32_03

It is not a surprise for us to see yet another DDR4 kit finished in a black-on-black colour scheme. Apparently, most memory manufacturers don't have the courage or imagination to try anything different.

HX426C15FBK4-32_05 HX426C15FBK4-32_12

The heatsinks on the Fury series is a standard affair of coupled sheets of stamped aluminium that hold on the modules by a strip of thermal glue. This might not be the most advanced of all possible cooling solutions, but it is reasonably compact, cheap and efficient.

HX426C15FBK4-32_14 HX426C15FBK4-32_15

Using a heatgun, it took us no more than a couple of seconds to pull the heatsinks off. Operation complete, we found each of our 8GB modules to be based on sixteen Hynix H5AN4G8NMFR memory chips, each of 4Gbit or 512MB capacity.

If overclocking is a thing you care about, you will be happy to see Hynix over the Samsung, that nearly all of Kingston's competitors are currently building their kits upon.

HX426C15FBK4-32_SPD HX426C15FBK4-32_Thaiphoon

Each of the modules carries a miniature SPD chip that is flashed with information on its manufacturer, part number, internal serial number and the production date. The SPD chip also contains several setting presets (called JEDEC presets) that guarantee compatibility with platforms that do not support DDR4-2666 out of the box.

On top of the JEDEC profiles there is an XMP (Xtreme Memory Profile) which contains all the kit's rated settings. However, if you use a platform that natively supports DDR4-2666, you do not have to go to BIOS and load the XMP as the specs are also contained in one of the JEDEC profiles.

If you are interested in the precise memory timings set by the XMP, be our guest and take a look at the screenshot below.


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  1. Thanks for testing this ram not even Kingston list the latency of this ram and i wanted to know for purchase decision